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Send separate order from for each model.

Please fill the form and if you wish to place an order or require a quote for special versions do not forget to:

- specify from which collection (First or Second).

- specify model number.

- if you have chosen a ring from First collection, specify desired metal and surface finish.

- specify finger size; there are 2 tables of mesure availabel (US or International) .Use the one you are the most familiar with.

- specify number of pieces

- supply your address and e-mail

Finaliy there is a space for your comments or questions

Then send
We will confirm your request in the following days. In case of orders we will confirm the exact amount, including shipping and taxes, form of payment and delivery date.
Form of payment
Payment should be made bank or postal transfer. Payment in full required within 40 days of confirmation of order.
We will send a confirmation e-mail when we receive your payment.
If payment in full is not received within the specified period your order will be automatically cancelled.
Delivery time
Delivery time commences from confirmation of your payement.
Delivery time may vary according to order and stock availability.

Order Quote

First Collection


Surface finish

Model number

Second Collection


Surface finish

Model number

Size US

Size International

Number of pieces









Commentarys or precisions

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