The Ring is the central point of my collections and it will probably from part of my future creations . I can't explain why i am so fascinated by "the ring". Maybe i am attracted because there is something in it which is determined and independent in its form.
The base of my big rings is always constituted by the body, combinated with bio-mechanical and geometrical forms. This body is voluminous and absorbs the head to liberate all its expression power. However,the head is integrated in the mass and sometimes suggested by a hollow, by a shadow or a perspective. For what affects their postures, I try to give a tension effect as if they were going to jump one moment or the other , or on the contrary, to restrain themselves for one reason or the other.
And asthese rings represent for me little beings, I gave them the possibility to stand upon their own legs or, toput it in other term, the freedom not always to depend on the finger.
Another tip for the observer: the inside of the rings is very often as aesthetic as the outside
First Ring Collection
- Most of the rings are made of silver 925 but can also be realized with others materials
like gold, paladium, platin, or aluminium ect.
- The rings are casted in one or several pieces, then carved inside, reassembled, soldered
and refined.
- The rings are availabel with a surface "Top finish" or " Rugged satin finish" .
- Each model constitues a limited edition of 27 rings.
Second Ring Collection
This collection is a variation of my first colllection, it's been concieved in the same spirit with several differences:
- The rings are casted in a single cast which explains the purity of their forms.
- Currently they rings are only available in silver 925 with a "raw sandy finish".
- Each model is an unlimited serie.
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